How to disappear completely
The awkward person behind the screen pleasuring you with all of these visual orgasms has a name: Tess.

Tess (me, but third person is the shit) enjoys sipping le coffee and staring into le space. Yeah, she's super productive. She has a passion for le cinema. Unfortunately, this blog has no fucking thing to do with film. She kind of likes contemporary art. Actually, Tess loves contemporary art. So here's some stuff.

Only advice: Question everything, even if it pisses your 'superiors' the fuck off (my teachers hate me oops). Sorry not sorry.

Music is important. Especially if it's from these people:
Radiohead//Smiths//Arctic Monkeys//STRFKR//Black Keys//BMSR//Animal Collective//Fleet Foxes//
NMH//Gorillaz//Jack White//The Kills//Saint Motel
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